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The e-Marketplace (formerly the AgStore) is the online retail system made available to units, departments, counties, centers, stations and other Institute-related
organizations. By incorporating e-Marketplace into your marketing plan, your products or services are made available to a multitude of clients in the click of a button, allowing for instant, convenient purchasing. e-Marketplace provides a secure online market for the following items and services:

  • Merchandise sales
  • Registration for training classes and workshops
  • Registration for special events and conferences
  • Registration for 4-H camps and special 4-H events
  • Educational software (CDs) sales
  • Publications sales
  • Orders for application materials
  • Orders for product services
  • Donations and gifts

To add a product or service to e-Marketplace, please complete and submit an e-Marketplace Product/Service Request form. NOTE: The request form is a SharePoint form and you MUST be logged into SharePoint to complete and submit the form. You will be prompted to log into SharePoint after clicking on the link.

Information About e-Marketplace/Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to place items in e-Marketplace?
Although all appropriate products and services are welcome, there are charges to consider when deciding to place a product for sale online. These charges are:

  • 9.25% Sales Tax
    • If your product requires sales tax to be collected, tax numbers from exempt customers must be provided at the time of purchase by the customer in order to receive tax credit. Sales tax is calculated and displayed in the total cost by e-Marketplace.
  • 5% Administrative Fees
    • 3% average fee charged by Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards
    • 1% technology fee to offset maintenance services
    • 1% Extension Dean’s office for support services
  • NOTE: Credit card and administrative charges, as well as shipping fees, should be added to the price of the product before submitting it to be placed online.

How does the money get into my account?
Products are purchased online in a real-time basis, meaning the customer’s credit card is approved and charged upon completion of the transaction. After your product is purchased from e-Marketplace, an email is generated to notify the appointed person in your department that a product has been purchased. If the product requires shipping, an email is generated to UTIA Services Department which processes shipment using your department “mail charge identification form.” Each department is responsible for incurred mailroom shipping charges.