Microsoft Teams Tip: Loop

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Microsoft Loop is a new collaboration tool that aims to transform the way teams work together. It’s a flexible, dynamic platform that brings people, content, and tasks together in one place, making brainstorming, planning, and creating easier than ever.

Loop is more than just a single app—it’s a collection of components and features that can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Create flexible workspaces: Loop workspaces are like blank canvases where you can add all sorts of content, including text, lists, tables, images, and even live data feeds. Organize content as needed, and it will stay in sync across all your devices.
  • Use portable components: Loop components are like building blocks that can be moved between different workspaces and apps for reuse and organization purposes.
  • Collaborate in real time: Loop is designed for real-time collaboration. You can see what your teammates are working on as they work on it, and you can make changes together at the same time.

Learn more about Microsoft Loop.