New Google Quotas Coming Soon

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Google has implemented new storage limits for their higher education plans, and they have removed the unlimited option. Because of this change, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) will apply quotas to all UT Google accounts this fall, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. 99.5% of our faculty, staff, and students are within the proposed limits.  

New Google Quotas*  

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students: 1 TB  

Undergraduate Students and other accounts: 100 GB   

*For any account currently above the new limit, OIT will contact you regarding your next steps. You will be provided time to clean up your files.

If you need more space than these limits allow, please consider using Microsoft 365 services. The standard quota for OneDrive for Business is 5 TB per account. If you share files with a group, up to 25 TB is available for a Microsoft Team.   

Google Shared Drives  

Quotas will be implemented for Shared Drives during the next phase of this project. Please do not move your files to a Shared Drive to prevent you from moving them twice.  

Visit the OIT Knowledge Base to check your quota and other Google resources to help with the transition.