Upcoming Changes to UT Email Service and Google Storage

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As many of you know, we support a dual environment with Microsoft and Google for email, collaboration, file storage, and other services. Our faculty, staff, and students have been able to use either service depending on their needs.

In recent months, Microsoft and Google changed their service offerings, and these changes affect our ability to continue to provide the same level of service that we have historically offered. The Office of Information Technology is evaluating and planning several changes over the next six to twelve months. These necessary changes will help us provide quality service delivery, comply with the new requirements enforced by our vendors, and manage the risk to the university.

The first of these changes to be implemented include:

  • Quotas for Google
  • Two-factor authentication for alumni, retirees, and emeritus faculty

About Quotas for Google

Google has implemented new storage limits for their higher education plans and removed the unlimited option. Because of this change, the Office of Information Technology will apply quotas to all UT Google accounts this fall, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Read more about Google Quotas.

About Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In 2019, we required two-factor authentication for all active faculty, staff, and student accounts. It is time to require the same level of protection for our alumni, retirees, and emeritus faculty.
Read more about 2FA for Alumni and Retirees.