Use eduroam for the Best Experience in the Classroom

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Over the past several months, OIT has been improving the eduroam Wi-Fi network on campus to allow for faster speeds and better connectivity. This secure network requires you to register your device to connect to it, but once you do, you will have a better experience getting to the internet in your classroom. You won’t compete with students on the ut-open network, and you will be assured that any information you send over the internet is secure.

Why Should You Connect with Eduroam Instead of UT-Open?

  • Authenticated with your UT email and is more secure
  • Makes connections to the Cynap in classrooms via Wi-Fi more stable
  • Available at many colleges, universities, museums, and research institutions worldwide, so when you travel to other institutions, you may be able to connect to the internet more easily.

What Do You Need to Do to Connect to eduroam?

  • Select eduroam on your laptop, phone, or mobile devices and sign in with your UT email address to get connected.
  • Visit the OIT Knowledge Base for detailed instructions for signing into Eduroam on Windows or macOS, Android, and iOS (iPhone/iPad).