Which UT Wireless Network is Best for You?

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If you haven’t thought about the wireless network you connect to on campus, you should. OIT provides two different Wi-Fi networks for you to choose from: 

  • eduroam – The SECURE network for students, faculty, and staff to access Wi-Fi on-campus and at participating Universities worldwide. By connecting to eduroam, you will also have the best experience on UT’s network. 
  • ut-open – This system is NOT SECURE and is not intended for internet activity involving private or personal data. For all intents and purposes, ut-open is a GUEST network.

OIT strongly recommends all students, faculty, and staff make eduroam their default wireless network on campus. There are fewer security restrictions on ut-open, and anyone on campus can access this network. Thus, your privacy and data are at greater risk on ut-open, similar to ANY open network you connect to, on or off campus. We recommend that you don’t do anything on ut-open you wouldn’t want an eavesdropper to know — including logging into accounts with passwords. Use ut-open for topics of conversation you would happily discuss in public.

Learn more about accessing UT’s Wireless networks from your devices and operating systems.